Q: Why doesn’t the Spiderbite Studios : Digital Media & Design page look complete?

A: Because we are still working on it.


Q: Will you shoot our big church wedding with all of the traditional bells and whistles?

A: Very doubtful. But if you are looking to do something fun like a Rock-a-billy or Gothic wedding, then let’s talk.


Q: Would you shoot some private boudoir style photos of me?

A: Yes, private photo sessions are our proverbial bread and butter.


Q: Will you pay me to be a model for you?

A: Doubtful at this time.
(I am only really able to pay models at this time when the gig pays me too. So if I have been asked to shoot something custom for a client, then I will work the cost of the model into that price. But generally, right now, I am only shooting models that will benefit my portfolio and theirs, or that are interested in paying the modest fees that I charge. Of course this is all subject to change if a creative burst hits me, in which money means nothing and I will shoot just for the fun of it.) So if you have an idea that you think we can work on, let me know, I might just be on board.


Q: Why the long breaks in between some of your photo shoots?

A: Life. Time. Creativity. At any given time, one of these takes over and dictates how and when I am able to shoot.


(more coming soon)

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